Where can you use flicking flame bulbs?

  1. Frosted lamps look better with these bulbs because the texture of lamp dissipates the warm glow perfectly.
  1. Make your bedroom brighter without changing the cozy ambiance (Lunite LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs emit both yellow and white light).
  1. Improve your living room or gaming room ambiance by switching to flicking flame bulbs at night. Remember: warm light is soothing and comforting. Steady white light makes the mind alert.
  1. Make your backyard an instant hit with guests during parties with a simple switch of LED bulbs.

Create your own lamps and wire together a few to make every evening barbecue memorable. These new bulbs carry the old world charm of bright candles without the risk of being blown out or causing fires.

Are these newer bulbs safe to use?

LED bulbs are generally safer nowadays because they have integrated circuits that are more efficient and produce less heat, too. Flicking flame bulbs are considered premium bulbs and are therefore equipped with more circuitry to improve performance and safety during use. These bulbs can be used indoors and outdoors. If you are decorating outdoors yourself, be sure to use the right receptacles and make sure there are no crossed connections before plugging in your light decorations.

Here are some tips for installing new LED bulbs:

  1. If you are installing LED bulbs outdoors, use either waterproof receptacles made of rubber or individual lamps. Remember: frosted ones are best for flicking flame bulbs.
  1. Screw on each bulb snugly. Loose connections will create heat that can damage wiring, the receptacle and the LED bulb.
  1. Install low-voltage breakers if you are using DC-powered light bulbs. A separate AC breaker can be used if you are installing numerous LED bulbs at a time. This will help protect your main line and breaker board from any electrical mishaps.
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