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Bradley Barks in Tucson, Arizona

Search engine optimization has major potential to be one of the best sources of targeted visitors and leads for you and your business. Before the internet was born, we as marketers were always “interrupting” or “advertising”. Now, we can target individuals within Arizona, searching in Scottsdale, for SEO (click here for more details on the specifics, including on-page and off-page factors).

How? Search engines have given us this awesome technology by having individuals search for what they want on their websites. Google is by far the largest and most advanced search engine out there. Bing and Yahoo also fall in line. Searching for products is also becoming more and more popular on, the second biggest search engine. An up and coming niche isĀ bulk headphones for classroom, which many teachers use for their students.

By mastering this process, experts like Bradley Barks have put together an artistic process to optimize for this potential, based on successful search data. This data is analyzed, and proactively taken action on each and every month.

Brad says, “It’s not an exact science since we’re working with external algorithms, but we’ve been doing this long enough to understand what’s most important, the trends, and how to accomplish those front page spots. There’s always trial and error, as we adjust, or fix search pieces to the puzzle. At the end of the day, it’s by far worth the potential benefits and lifetime customer value that is added to your bottom-line.”

Search engine optimization ties into a bigger online marketing play, but also works well as a standalone focus. Social media plays a role, and even pay per click or pay per call all fits together well. However, rather than doing everything at once, it makes the most sense to fire up different campaigns and see them all the way through before adding more to the monthly budget. This way, you know what is working and what needs to be adjusted. It’s a living, breathing process that continues to add value to your business each month. Learn more now by getting in touch with Brad.

Company Information:

#1 Phoenix SEO
20435 N 7th St #1054
Phoenix, AZ 85024
(480) 401-5445

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