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Fishing On Lake George

Lake George Q&A
You can send questions about fishing on Lake George to the LGFA by email or through our comments page.  Here are some of the questions we have received and answered. 

Do they still stock lake trout in Lake George?

Lake trout were stocked in Lake George for most of the twentieth century, especially in the 1960's following the killing of almost all the Salmonids with DDT.  As of the early 1970's, the lake trout successfully began reproducing again.  In the late 70"s, biologists determined that for very successful reproduction the lake trout should be allowed to be older before being caught and the size limit was raised to 18"  Since then the size limit was raised to 21" and is now 23".   Since those changes, we have had very successful reproduction and it was determined no additional stocking was required.  Some biologists think we may actually have too many lake trout in the lake now and that they are a detriment to landlocked salmon populations and that the size limit should be reduced.  It is not unheard of for serious lake trout fishermen to catch hundreds of lake trout a year.  There is an angler diary program in place through the DEC that shows that.  If you fish the lake much, you may wish to join that program.  The DEC considers that program to be among the most important for the purposes of determining lake trout populations.  You can join by calling Emily Zollweg at the Warrensburg office.

            Answered by the LGFA VP, John Schaninger

I would like to know if spring fishing for lakers is good up to May 31st before the lakers go into deeper waters. I don't have down riggers but I use lead core. Last year I did ok the 1st week of May but this year I may not be able to fish that early. What about may 15-18?

The fishing in the spring can be wonderful for lakers and in some years salmon.  The fish typically get more and more active as the temperature rises.  The temperature in mid- to late May is ideal, usually from 50 to 54 degrees.  The fish go down after it reaches 55, which is generally around Memorial Day.  I use lead core and side planers along with surface lines using keel sinkers and downriggers in the spring.  I prefer overcast days when a low front is moving in.  I try to find structure near deep water where the top of the reef is about twenty feet down or less and adjust my colors so I am very near the bottom(depends on your speed),  I go about two - two and a half for lakers, and three or more for salmon.  I use Mooselooks (red and orange are the best usually) and will bend them up so they work better at lower speeds.  For salmon, I play close to points and islands and am often in less than 15 feet of water.  I also run shallower for salmon. 

Answered by the LGFA VP, John Schaninger

Fishing Regulations

We often receive questions about fishing regulations for Lake George so we have provided a summary here.  However, fishing regulations are through the NYSDEC and to confirm any questions or details, you should visit the DEC website through the links provided. 

Special Regulations for Fishing on Lake George

  • Lake Trout: minimum size 23”, limit of 2 per day
  • Landlocked Atlantic Salmon: minimum size 18”, limit of 2 per
  • Possession or use of smelt is prohibited.

The special regulations for Lake George are found here.

All other Fishing Regulations for Fishing on Lake George
The regular NY fishing regulations can be found here.

Ice Fishing Regulations for Fishing on Lake George

  • November 15 - April 30 - for those species in the General Angling Regulations for which there is no closed season or no minimum length.
  • November 15 - March 15 - for northern pike, pickerel, tiger muskellunge and walleye.
  • Two (2) hand lines and five (5) tip-ups may be used. All tip-ups must be marked with the name and address of the operator; the operator must be present when lines (either tip-ups or hand lines) are in the water.
  • Ice shanties must be marked on the outside with the owner's name and address in letters at least three inches high. Shanties must be removed from all waters by March 15.

Ice Fishing Regulation for Lake George can be found here.

Lake George Contour Map
The New York State Lake Contour Map Series by the NYSDEC provides information on depth contours, water surface area, mean depth and available fish species for selected state waters.  For maps of other lakes, click here.

DEC Guide to Baitfish of New York State

DEC brochure for anglers and boaters



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